Thursday, July 14, 2011

Self Watering Container - Step by Step Tutorial


Anonymous said...

Great video series! I will have to try this--my container plants on the balcony need watering almost every day here in Thuwal. Your self-watering containers are probably a much better way to take care of the plants here!

yusuf said...

hi thanks for the comment. well yes, it made my gardening life a lot easier... i only need to water once a week, sometimes more, depending on how much the plants are actuall drinking. i am giving them some raw vegetable juice just for additional nutrients (spinach or moringa or kangkong), since i live on the 3rd floor,i avoided having water drain down when watering them... really self watering container pot is very beneficial for the plant and the gardener. check my video "self watering container garden jeddah" in youtube so you'll have an idea on how happy my plants are... mashallah!