Friday, July 15, 2011

Aquaponics in Jeddah update 15July 2011

It was a sad weekend. Thursday was the funeral of my grandson (through my niece, the elder daughter of my oldest sister). Jam suffered childhood leukemia for a few years and his young fragile body (only 6) couldn't take it anymore. Inshallah and with all my heart's faith in Allah, that he is now safe in the arms of the Creator. Couldn't help but had a few hours in Thursday morning just on the net, crying while listening to some sad songs. Inshallah, I pray that my family will draw strength from the inspiration of our faith in Allah and His promise of eternal life.

On my Aquaponics, I also lost my bell pepper and one small pangasius in Aquaponics sytem 2. Actually it was since early last week. The pump broke down, water was in the growbed and it probably drowned. I tried my best to revive it and in a few days it seemed to be recovering but it just gave up. I took it as a good chance to clean the growbed. This is my Aquaponics system #2 where I couldn't grow any new seeds and there are some insects that seemed to be eating the seeds before they can germinate.

After cleaning it, i replanted a watermelon, a few brocollis, a cloned basil and threw in some new seeds of Bellpepper, hoping they would germinate.

My other two systems are doing fine. #1 have the ampalaya, basil, okra and tomatoes. #3 have the ampalaya, spinach, bush beans which are drying up again - huhuhuhuh, parsley/cilantro just dried up...... but, but but... swiss chards germinated only after 3 days of sowing... huh.... very fast, i hope they tolerate the heat...

No pictures or new video yet.. there will be inshallah aftter a few days or next week....

Just started my Aquaponics system 4.. which will be indoors and will be some sort of germinating bed... but for the flowering plants.. lets see how well they do, today i just threw in a bunch of mixed seeds and hope they germinate this week.. will certainly post pics once this happens, inshallah.

I posted some videos of my step by step instruction in making the self watering container pot, made out used 6L water bottle...glad that some of my friends already visited and promised they will try to do it... its nice if it could make their gardening life easier! Inshallah.

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si tunggu kunjungan baliknya gan.,