Thursday, July 7, 2011

Aquaponics and Self Watering Container Gardening in Jeddah - 07 July 2011 update

Continuous flow system, small container with ornamental plants from the nursery, cheap plants but beautiful, shares the same fish tank as AP System 2

Aquaponics system 3 - ampalaya, bush beans, spinach, parsley, fish tank have koi and goldfish with one pleco

Aquaponics system 2 - with bellpepper, cloned basil, celery and ampalaya

Aquaponics System 1 with Ampalaya, okra, basil and tomatoes

Here are some pics of my Aquaponics systems 1, 2 and 3, plus my garden in Self Watering Containers.

1. Aquaponics is the marrying of Aquaculture (raising of fish) and Hydroponics (soil-less gardening). I have been doing it since late January of this year and have developed 3 systems all in my small balcony in my flat in Jeddah.
2. Self Watering Containers - are pots with wick made to allow water to be wicked to the pot where plant is planted and its root system drinking on as needed basis.
AP System 1 - the ampalaya (bitter melon) plants are growing steadily and climbing now more or less 2 feet long, okra got new stem but no signs of flowers again, basils are budding because of some cuts i made to clone it, tomatoes are extremely slow growing and looks like gonna dry from the heat, fish are all doing fine, healthy and happy
AP system 2 - got a healthy and growing bell pepper, sweet potatoe or camote, new ampalaya seedling, cloned basil and some celery seedlings, this system i think have seed devouring insects because so many seeds i have sown didn't germinate, the growbed sits on top of a fish tank with 5 growing and healthy pangasius, also connected here is a continuous flow small bed with ornamental plants that seem to be growing and enjoying

AP system 3 - is the newest system with 2 ampalaya, 2 bush beans, number of spinach, some parsley... so are ampalaya and bush beans are doing well, climbing and 3 koi and some goldfish in the tank

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