Friday, March 25, 2011

Aquaponics in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia update 25 March 2011 --- more pictures

Sprouting peppermints in a plastic cup. To avoid losing the tiny seeds, i lined the cup with tissue paper, seeds, one layer of worked!
Sprouting basil in a plastic cup, lined up with tissue paper. This is going to be my germinating technique from now on.

Cappucina in a small container with potting mix topped with hydroton. I want to experiment growing these flowering vines on conventional method and lets see if it works.

Bell pepper / siling prasko on my AP System 2. I was able to grow a few of them... i love bell pepper in spaghetti, noodles and mixed vegetables... i tasted it once also as topping for scrambled eggs!

Brocolli on my AP System2 ... it takes ages for them to grow.. but they are OK.

Watermelon / Pakwan, crawling down. It has 3 new stems with flower buds. I have to wait for a few more months.. before i see fruits from it.

Taro/Gabi first leaf, 2nd leaf about to open... can't wait to have my first organic 'laing', not from the can!

Basil - smells good in the garden! Tried to put a leaf in my hibiscus tea yesterday...tasted good.

Bush beans / bitswelas - in the Philippines, I think these only grows in Baguio..well, let me try and grow them here and we'll see....

Aquaponics in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 25March2011 Update

1st Female Cucumber Flower

Okra 1st Fruit, 2nd Flower and more flower buds

My mini Aquaponics system 2 in the balcony of my apartment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

My 1st mini Aquaponics system in the small balcony of my apartment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This system has been running for 2 months now (began in 19 January 2011). I have six happy, healhty and active goldfish since I started. The plants are in individual .6 L recycled water bottles with hydroton and put in an Ikea Tote. For flood and drain, I applied AFFNAN Syphon, which has been working perfectly, without any blunder.. mashallah.