Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aquaponics updated video

This is my updated video of my aquaponics system. Its small, but thank God, the plants are growing.

for some reason i can't embed a youtube video in this post so you can just visit the link

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aquaponics Update - 15 February 2011

this is my crazy aquaponics in my small balcony, i have 2 systems now.. and inshallah both of them will work out fine.. in the weekend i maybe putting the trellis for the cucumber to climb in... i hope the new seedlings in the last picture (system #2) will sprout by next week.. its got more bellpepper, peppermint, okra and a flowring plant...

My recycled home-made plant tower - Aquaponics

This is a crazy diagram of my version of a planter. On top of it is the actual plant tower. What I had in mind is to clone the strawberry tower using recycled 6L water bottles that I have at home. I did it and had it working but finds it hard to make it stand on the tank. I am going to revise this plan and make four stands and connect them with a 4-way PVC connector forming a square. I hope to work on it this weekend and post it, inshallah.

I now have 2 small aquaponics system running in my balcony. One with 7 goldfish and one with 4 guppies.

Will post some updated photos later on!

Can't wait to see those beautiful cucumber flowering and crawling in my balcony...inshallah!