Friday, December 7, 2012

Cyclone Bhopa and the amazing Philippine government

More than 400 Filipinos dead, hundreds still missing from cyclone Bhopa. I have a few people and agencies to thank for this amazingly tragic accident. They were exceptionally efficient in carrying out their duties and responsibilities to the Filipino people.

1. To PAGASA for having the science, technology and skills to use for the maximum efficiency in forecasting the weather and creating a disaster preventation or preparedness mechanism. It seems they know that such amount of rain falling in such denuded forest would create mud and log flow in geographically static low lying villages. Thank you PAGASA, your amazing performance have resulted in reducing the population in New Bataan. The count is rising.

‎2. Kudos to the Department of Interior and Logal Government or DILG for having anticipated the disaster through their close coordination and highly professional relation with PAGASA. The warning seems to have been efficiently cascaded down to the lowest level of leadership... through to the baranggay captains in the low lying villages and barrios. Thank you for using all necessary tools to warn the public and for what seems to have been your absolute preparedness by sending rescue teams complete with the latest gadgets and equipments to save victims of the flash flood. Your efficiency have also contributed to the grief of thousands of families who will not be celebrating the holidays with their father, mother, children, brother or sister.

‎3. BIG Shout-out to all local government officials. The Senators, Congressmen, Governors and Mayors. During election time, they spend millions of pesos in ensuring all nook and crannies are reached with their message of candidacy, that they are the savior and helper of the poor, that they are the super heroes their town, province, district or baranggay needs. They go house to house knocking on people's doors to shake hands and get the impression of a true leaders. They were all too present this time. They may or may not have rented jeepneys with loud speakers warning people to leave and vacate their homes because of the impending catastrophe. They may or may not have used local media to bring their message accross pleading people to save their lives. They may or may have not print even photo copies warning notes and dropped them in choppers to inform civilians of their impending possible death. Mr. Politician, Ms. Politician, we now know that we can rely on you. That you are and will always be here to protect us and allow us to have peaceful safe environment. We salute you

‎4. To the media and the telephone companies like GLOBE and SMART and PLDT, for using their facilities in spreading the news and possibility of the impending doom that could result in death and destruction. These companies does not fail to use our numbers in spreading advertisement and infomercials, letting us know their offers and promos. This time, they may or may have not used the same to tell people within the geographical path of the cyclone that they could be burried alive and that they may not see 2013 in one piece or alive. Thank you because we now know for a fact that we are not just statistics in your annual reports, rather we are human beings who could benefit from your operations, not just when we use them to get connected to our love ones, but also for us to get connected to our future. Salute, high five and admiration to you!


Finally to the President, NoyNoy Aquino for having shown pride and confidence in the amount of success his government has achieved in terms of disaster response but failed to address the issue of disaster preparedness. 

10 kgs of rice and few cans of sardines will not bring back the lives of the more than 400 dead Filipinos nor the thousands whose tears will silently flow because their mother, father, brother, sister or child will not be with them to celebrate the holidays.

I am not sure if condolences will suffice instead of warnings and evacuation plans prior to disaster. 

It is more FUN in the PHILIPPINES, and what makes it funnier is not the people but its leaders.