Friday, September 23, 2011

Osama and Omar's Trip to my farm.. I mean my balcony garden

No! This is not actually a "harvest" from my Aquaponics system. They are accidental casualties when me, Omar and Osama bought new Tilapia for our Aquaponics system and they ended up aggressively attacking each other. To save them from further pain, I fried them and ended up with a healthy and tasty lunch for me and my friend Usman.
Osama presenting the Kerela in the Aquaponics system, he and Omar have been helping me with.

Above is Osama showing some fruits of the Kerela plant and just at the background is the Aquaponics system 2 with sweet potato, kangkon, swiss chard seedlings, pepper seedling, tomatoe seedling and lady finger.

Osama enjoying the smell of freshly picked Jasmine (Sampaguita) in my self watering container garden.

Above is, you may not believe it, but a shot of Osama taken by Omar in my Kodak digital camera. I love it because Omar captured it perfectly. Actually, Osama was just watching TV, but I really liked the emotion, he looks like thinking deeply.

Osama overlooking the self watering container garden.

Mashallah, two healthy boys... adding fresh vegetables to their diet would be a good idea!

Osama and Omar.. happy and healthy! Mashallah, visiting "our" self watering container garden and aquaponics systems. Below is Omar showing Jasmine (Sampaguita) flowers, which he later picked.

Just standing by the kerela-sweet potato-kangkong jungle!

Below, Omar fooling around with Jasmine, I mean the flower (sampaguita)

Omar below, shot taken by Osama.