Thursday, June 30, 2011

YUGE mini Home Aquaponics System


12 gallon fish tank

7 gallon growbed

water pump

air pump


siphon set

seedlings or seeds

All you have to do is add water and fish!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Aquaponics in Jeddah update 28 June 2011, Tuesday

AP System 1 (after 5 months and 3 grow bed changes) :
- 2 Amplaya seedlings going on 8 inches tall and starting to climb
- Okra still holding on, showing new shoots on main branch, no flowers, no fruits for long
- Basil still holding on, cut a couple of stems and cloned
- Tomatoes all seemed to have halted growing, maybe because of the heat
- 2 new watermelon seedlings
- All fish happy and healthy

AP System 2 (after 3 months and 2 growbed changes)
- with lone Bellpepper growing steadily, leaves bigger than my palm
- sweet potato climbing now and long at 2 feet
- new ampalaya seedling germinated 2 days ago
- Pangasius are healthy and happy....

AP System 3 (after almost 2 months)
- cucumber steadily growing
- 2 ampalaya, almost 2 feet long now and started climbing
- 2 bush beans... long and healthy
- spinach, slow growth
- japanese parsley, slow growth
- 1 small goldfish died 2 days ago.. others are healthy and happy

Self Watering Container garden....

All plants happy and healthy, periwinkles stopped blooming but growing

That's my update and will share some photos later

New Original Aquaponics Logo

Fish, plant, bacteria and me...... this is my Aquaponics.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Self watering container pot made from recycled 6L water bottle - Jeddah Saudi Arabia

This is my instructional paper for making self-watering containing pot using 6L water bottle. I actually live in Saudi Arabia where the weather could become unforgiving, mid 30s to lower 40's.

What you will need:

Empty 6L Water bottles



7X4" 100% cotton cloth (old t-shirt or rag will do)

Hydroton or gravel/stones

Potting mix/soil

Packing or masking tape