Thursday, August 4, 2011

My indoor and outdoor aquaponics systems... Aug 2011

six goldfish in the indoor aquaponics system growing ornamental flowering plants with brocolli, okra, tomatoe and swiss chards... grow lights are tube light blue and red, fluorescent bulb
trying to root some rosemary stems i got from the supermarket the other day
ornamental flowering plant seedlings
swiss chard in the center and left is an ornamental flowering plant seedling
more ornamental flowering plant seedlings
outdoor balcony aquaponics systems with ampalaya, basil, tomatoe seedlings, sweet potatoe, swiss chard, celery, spinach and some ornamentals
a view to the right side of my small balcony... aquaponic systems..

and here is a quick video upload on my growing garden planted in self watering container pots made out of used 6liter water bottles.. and one or two bigger ones...

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