Saturday, August 6, 2011

WARNING to Aquapons....Tilapia could be a heartless killer of other fish!!!

Hi there.
About 3 nights ago me and Osama finally decided to go get some Tilapia for our Aquaponics system. At first I was hesistant, worried how on earth we can bring them home....and the thought of telling the salesman that I need them alive... is something weird.. so we decided we will tell him its for a school project.. which is actually true..because we are preparing one Aquaponics system for his science fair 2 months from now.

We got to Marhaba supermarket along Hail street in Ruwais and got 4 healthy and active looking tilapias for only ... 10SAR.. yes... all of them for 10SAR... whatta bargain... it took 3 plastic bags becuase their fins kept poking holes on the bag... finally we had to rush back home with 4 tilapias in a plastic bag.... the taxi driver gave us that strange look when the tilapias flapped.. from the bag...

Upon reaching home, we put them in one small container and soon enough we realized we may need to separate them as ... because of hormone treatments in the farm..all of them seemed to be males and were fighting. That same night I put two of them separately in two of my other aquaponics systems, with already established goldfish groups.

Friday morning.... i found two goldfish dead..obviously attacked because their tummies showed nipping or bites... scales were gone....skins were bruised... ay yayayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... immediately i had to come to the rescue... we put some 4" pvc pipes in the container they were in to give each one some sort of territorial feeling.... but not after 4 goldfish dead 2 more dying... and they were not just goldfish... they were with me since i started aquaponics in january of this year.. so they are almost 8 months old... they have grown happy, healthy and they have been with me on this journey.... what a bummer.... it as a bad way to go......

now.. i am thinking of getting a bigger tank for these 4 tilapias...and maybe come up with a better system for the school fair.... inshallah

so lesson learned! ------- don't mix tilapia with goldfish..... it will be ugly!

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