Friday, June 17, 2011

Self watering container pot made from recycled 6L water bottle - Jeddah Saudi Arabia

This is my instructional paper for making self-watering containing pot using 6L water bottle. I actually live in Saudi Arabia where the weather could become unforgiving, mid 30s to lower 40's.

What you will need:

Empty 6L Water bottles



7X4" 100% cotton cloth (old t-shirt or rag will do)

Hydroton or gravel/stones

Potting mix/soil

Packing or masking tape

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yusuf said...

‎1.Use masking tape on bottle from bottom up to at least 3 inches to the top. Spray paint empty 6L water bottle. The taped part will be your window to the reservoir later.
- For regular pot you need 1 bottle. For tall pot - 2 bottles
Use masking or packing tape from the bottom until 2-3 inches from top of bottle, this will be the window to the reservoir.
2. For tall pot: cut one bottle 1” from the bottom. Discard the smaller part. Cut the other bottle in the middle, around 7” from the bottom. The bottom part will be the reservoir, discard the other part. These two parts make the pair.
3. For regular pot: Cut the bottle 7” from the bottom. These two parts make the pair.
4. Make some cut on top of the bottle cap to force insert the wick (any 100% cotton cloth 7” X 4” with a knot on one end.
5. Insert the tail end of the cloth to the cap (from the threaded side - out)
6. Pull the tail end of the cloth so that the knot rests on the inside of the cap, this will prevent cloth from sliding down to reservoir.
7. Put back cap.
8. Turn bottle upside down and put the capped side inside the bottom part of the bottle or the reservoir.

Voila! You’ve got yourself a self-watering recycled container pot. No need to water your plants daily. This makes container gardening easier and more convenient. Just peek at the reservoir window to check the water level. Don’t put water higher than the capped portion as this may cause your plant to drown. Leave about half an inch as air-space and the wick will do the rest.