Friday, March 25, 2011

Aquaponics in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia update 25 March 2011 --- more pictures

Sprouting peppermints in a plastic cup. To avoid losing the tiny seeds, i lined the cup with tissue paper, seeds, one layer of worked!
Sprouting basil in a plastic cup, lined up with tissue paper. This is going to be my germinating technique from now on.

Cappucina in a small container with potting mix topped with hydroton. I want to experiment growing these flowering vines on conventional method and lets see if it works.

Bell pepper / siling prasko on my AP System 2. I was able to grow a few of them... i love bell pepper in spaghetti, noodles and mixed vegetables... i tasted it once also as topping for scrambled eggs!

Brocolli on my AP System2 ... it takes ages for them to grow.. but they are OK.

Watermelon / Pakwan, crawling down. It has 3 new stems with flower buds. I have to wait for a few more months.. before i see fruits from it.

Taro/Gabi first leaf, 2nd leaf about to open... can't wait to have my first organic 'laing', not from the can!

Basil - smells good in the garden! Tried to put a leaf in my hibiscus tea yesterday...tasted good.

Bush beans / bitswelas - in the Philippines, I think these only grows in Baguio..well, let me try and grow them here and we'll see....

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