Monday, January 7, 2008

Charise and Fals Voice, Star Records and Ellen

ABS-CBN is nothing but a bunch of liars. Guess what, their allegation that FalseVoice's account suspension because of copyright issues is a bunch of crap.

If that is true, there is still a dozen other postings of the same appearance on Youtube, aren't they going to be suspended.

So there you have it folks, David and Goliath once again, of course you know the story and how it ended right.

Goliath lost his pea-brained head, just like whats going to happen to Star Records.

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Anonymous said...

I think ABS CBN have given cCharice a chance three times at least to join the contest, it happens anywehere in the world. Please listen to this mans commentaries that begins about Renaldo Lapuz but listen till the end of the video.