Saturday, November 17, 2007

Weekend - 14 November 2007

Can you believe it.... we've only got a month and a half before the year ends....... ummm.

I got to think, well, this is not really a very positive thought... but every day we live is a day closer to our.... death.. really. Scary huh.. but its a reality.

Anyway, this weekend I have just been spending a lot of time enjoying old music videos and live concert snippets from my fave artists at Youtube. I got to tell you that Youtube is a great service to humanity. Its just amazing thinking about the amount of information available there.

I am also glad that they have 'safety' measures in place. Although I do hope that there would be some sort of filtering for prospective violent activities, you know like pre-empt them from happening. How about opening a group of Youtube users who will commit at least sometime everyday to check new uploads and sort of alert others of impending threat, like what happened int the US and most recently in Sweden.

Going back to my weekend, finally I got to clean my Canaries' cages, after months of lazying around the idea. Washed them and sprayed them with vinegar dilluted in water... as a disinfectant.. well I hope it works... I read somewhere sometime ago that Vinegar removes smell and kills bacteria......

Three of my canaries... the father and 2 teens have grown bald the last few months.. so I was suspecting mite infestation. Amazingly, I have another one which is actually doing fine.

Got some leaves from Neem tree (which is very much abundant here in Saudi Arabia) and am actually air drying them. Later on I will just boil them in water and cool it down to spray on the birds.... I hope it gets rid of all the mites, if they do have them.

And as usual, I got to spend sometime in Shoaib's computer store, where I normally spend most of my non-working time in.

Will post audio of my Canaries singing next time.